Chinese Medicine

Chinese medicine is a medical system that treats both energetic and physical dysfunctions.  Illness begins in the bodys energetic plane and when not quickly addressed settles into a more concrete form.  Similar to the progression of a patient’s set of vague symptoms of unwellness , when not treated quickly and appropriately, evolve into abnormal blood tests, x-rays, MRI’s etc.  The hallmark of this system is its ability to treat seemingly unconnected symptoms to their complete resolution.  Patients exhibiting symptoms or conditions that do not have a diagnosis in Western Medicine, can not be treated in that system until they begin to show abnormal blood tests etc. Even then, treatment is really a type of symptomatic management as opposed to actual treatment. In TCM the symptoms shape the diagnosis and facilitate the guided resolution of whatever disharmony was present.  The symptoms in many ways, are the diagnosis.  Once you can diagnose something, in this system of medicine, it can be treated.  Treatment methods include the use of acupuncture, cupping, customized Chinese herbal formulas, and diet/lifestyle recommendations.

Underlying the practice of Chinese Medicine is an appreciation for the quantum physical nature of human beings.  Employing thousands of years of knowledge of what locations on the body energetically activate corresponding organ systems, the doctor practicing this ancient art can elegantly activate the energies of the internal organs to  restore optimal function.  The Chinese herbal formulary is unparalleled in the world of medicine.  Each herb is categorized according to its physical/quantum physical organ/meridian vibrational frequency predilection.  Additionally, the yin/cooling or yang/warming , tonifying/building, clearing, and moving nature of the herbs have also been elucidated and categorized following thousands of years of use.  Patient’s can therefore expect to receive a custom formula that caters to the precise needs of their body system.